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Unable to delete the objects

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Trying to delete a class leads to this pop up window:


Unable to delete the objects.

One or more of the objects that you are trying to delete is a required component or automatically generated component of a plug-in object and cannot be deleted.


As shown in the first attachment.


I did a custom selection search as seen in the next snapshot. No plug-in objects using that offending class however.


Am I missing something or is this a bug?


Happy Holidays everyone!




Vectorworks 2017 with Spotlight Module

MacOS High Sierra

iMac Retina 5K 27" 2017

Attempt to delete class SET-GBM-Portal US.png

Object Class selection.png

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Just a guess -

There is a resource in the resource manager of the active file which has a component in that class. Could be a symbol, or wall style, etc.   If the class is deleted it would break the resource definition. Therefore vwx generates the error message. Even if no instances of that resource are present in the drawing.


a test:

Open a new drawing file and somehow make that class appear in the class list but without any objects on the drawing. Eg Place a symbol instance containing objects in that class on the drawing, then delete the instance. Or open a new file from a template with that class. Or in a new blank file perform some action that causes auto classing of that class. In this new file try to delete the class. 



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