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Wall disappearing

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I'm having wall's disappear too, only way I could get them back was to close VW & reopen & they come back. Mine happens more after selecting an object in a class to edit, with this class only visible, then come back to show all they wall can not be seen, but I can select all & see the handles, they also disappear in wire frame. Also having strange things with the door window tools. Now the glazing in some of my windows show up as solid filled even though the class has a glass texture & was visible the day before. It is a large file though of a house interior.

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#Walid R., the set has changed a lot in the past 2 days & is not as big, and they are having me work on 2d elevations to work out panels & wainscots which are in a different file.  Today I've tried working in the 3d file that had the issues & I can not get it to happen, I don't know if I need to be working in it for a while or not. I was able to get the walls to be visible by closing & re-opeing VW with no problem. Now the only problem I'm having is trying to do a Realistic White Colors rendering with the floor as a solid white fill the view renderings so dark you can not see anything. I do not have any light objects in it, but have the Ambient Lighting on maxed out. The only way I can see a white rendering is to have no fill in the floor polygon. Shouldn't the ambient lighting light up the room in renderings?

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This has been happening to me really often recently. Not only walls disappear, but various objects and symbols will disappear. And sometimes even symbols will explode and their pieces will be in random spots all around. I've had it happen on multiple projects. It seems a lot like this issue. The only fix is to restart Vectorworks and everything is fine again. This also only occurs when I render with Renderworks. It doesn't happen in OpenGL for me. It does happen with all of the Renderworks styles though. One more note, this also doesn't happen in viewports, it only happens when you are in the normal 3D view and render directly in there.


Here is when I notice it start happening. If I open the problem file and render, there aren't any issues, If I go into a symbol and edit that, then exit out and render, the issue occurs. If I then enter a symbol and exit and render, the issue is worse. And it continues to get progressively worse until I have to exit and restart Vectorworks because all of my walls are gone or floor pieces or important things that it messes with the render. I noticed this start happening on v2020 and the newest SP. It didn't happen to me before the most recent SP.


A picture example is attached. The ceiling in one section is missing, and the walls are missing from the right side.

Annotation 2020-01-24 091346.jpg

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This has been happening to me for a couple years - I at 1st assumed it was a graphics issue with an older computer ('09 Mac Pro), and was hugely disappointed when it persisted after buying a new iMac. This is with any renderworks-based render; OpenGL and line render modes are fine.


It's definitely not a class issue - the same viewports will render properly, then later in the day the walls will not render. It's not very fun when re-rendering an entire file's worth of viewports overnight, only to find them worthless in the morning! When I remember to, I'll test just one VP, and if they fail one sometimes-fix is to go to the wall's design layer, zoom in somewhere to limit render time, and use "fast renderworks" to try to get VW to re-remember ("bump" the software, as said above) to treat the wall textures with more respect. Otherwise, sometimes a VW restart works, and sometimes a computer restart is needed.




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