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VW2020 crashes when opening 2019 file

niagara designer


I just asked this in another thread, but it might be worth a new one.

I just updated to 2020 Architect, this morning, from 2019.


I thought it had to do with a faulty installation, but I can open some files but not the one I needed to work on.

It crashes while opening - it says 82% generating Resource previews, then it shuts down.


I tried the suggestion in the other thread to set navigation graphics to "best compatibility", no luck.


also, should I delete VW2019?



my system:

wdws 10pro - 1809

intel corei7-4770 cpu @3.40ghz

16.0 GB RAM

64bit os  x-64-based processor



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No, don't delete VW 2019,

You can run both beside each other.


It is always risky to convert running projects to a new version,

without strong reasons. Like needing new features or hoping

to get problems fixed.

In your case it may be the opposite way. So for now you can

continue with VW 2019 if that works.


But as you have such a nice example of a converted file that

crashes in a reproducible way, please send your file to support

if possible by NDAs and such.


If it is really a file problem, they can possibly fix it.

If it works for them, they can help you to find a problem and a

solution on your side.

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