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Please advise on a Threadripper 3 build for Vectorworks. Mainly MB, GPU Quadro RTX 4000 or Geforce 2080 RTX Ti

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hi could you point out where the raid one would be as thought it was being replaced by the nas. Just so we are on the same line is the NAS just an lan or wireless box with a hard drive in it or something else as well or is it the raid one is in the NAS with 2 drives only unlike a motherboard rid this has the hardware version so like a Raid 1 set up but with better electronics to do it properly which as a Lan line rather than direct in the computer lass likely to be hacked and if wireless could be hidden incase of burglary? can I access said NAS from a remote place? Anything else I need to know?


Also how do I tell a good from a bad one, what features should they have? any good or bad brands? whats the starting 1 or 2 drive system that would get the job done but without costly flashy lights and bling?.... Clueless on these



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A NAS is basically a small, power-saving computer that is attached to the network and also configured over the network. So it has no display, no graphics card etc. and basically consists of a small case with processor, RAM, network connection and usually several hard drive bays. The main advantage is that they form a hard disk in the network to which all others have access. It is the simplest type of server. Modern NAS have additional functions such as cloud service, web hosting, backup functions, etc.
Usually a NAS has several hard disks running in RAID-1 or higher, so in case of a hard disk failure, the hard disk can be easily replaced without any data loss.
Check out the QNAP and Synology pages. Currently, these manufacturers make the best NAS.

We used this 2bay NAS from Synology for a long time. It is very reliable and we are also satisfied with the configurability.

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6 hours ago, herbieherb said:

Check out the QNAP and Synology pages. Currently, these manufacturers make the best NAS.

Agreeing with this, where Synology is often considered to be the somewhat more user-friendly of the two (not that QNAP is that difficult to use).


Another NAS you may want to look into is Netgear's ReadyNAS, it is getting positive reviews too but has at the moment less bells and whistles than Synolgoy and QNAP though they are catching up. They also have fast NAS stations and are a somewhat cheaper as well.


If you have to choose between a 1-bay or a 2-bay NAS you would be better off for getting a 2-bay NAS with RAID 1 or higher if it has more than 2 bays. If a drive fails you still have the other drive. If the sole purpose is backup of files you don't have to get the fastest NAS available. I have a DS-212J (entry level at the time) that is still doing fine for file backups and still gets software updates by Synology so manufacturer support is quite good.


If you also want to use the NAS to remotely access files then it is better to get one of the faster models, assuming you have reasonably fast upload speed.

Some NAS stations come with 2 ethernet ports that can be combined into a single connection to allow for faster speed/data throughput, which is useful when moving large files. Something to be aware of is that if you want to copy a lot of small files this may take quite a more time than the same amount of data as a few file because of the overhead for each file, with smaller files the overhead is relatively large compared to big files.


For syncing there are some free and paid options, ViceVersa Pro is a good one that can do syncing and backups and has a VVEngine companion app that allows for scheduling multiple syncing/backups so that you could sync/backup e.g. only changed files every hour automatically, even to multiple locations including cloud if you sync/backup with the locally synced cloud folder (e.g. the local Dropbox folder) and even if they are open (using Volume Shadow Copy Service which generates a snaphot of the file at that moment before copying it). Goodsync is another paid option you could look at.

The initial backup may take quite a while, but once that is done and you only need to backup changed files it will be quicker.


Something else to consider when going for cloud backup is data protection in case of client confidential things or e.g. things that fall under the GDPR of the EU.

There are programs that can encrypt files before they are uploaded to the cloud storage, Boxcryptor (free for one or two cloud storage providers used, paid if you want to use more cloud storage providers) is one of those programs and supports quite a few cloud storage providers. A search on the internet will show other options similar to Boxcryptor.

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Thanks for help, close to sorting this but came across something I was not expecting


I thought it was Quadro RTX 4000 vs Geforce RTX 2080ti...


Buy now Im coming across lots of Geforce RTX 2080 ti cards made by lots of brands. made by Gigabyte, Asus, Evga, Zotac, Palit, Nidea, PNY, Blower... etc



How do I tell one from the others, which ones or ones are better, which ones are more reliable or long laster, which just have a pretty brand lable and cost more for the same thing, noticing prices of ££several hundred.  Whats the difference



I particular when looking at custom builds and the choice is Quadro RTX vs Geforce RTX 2080ti and they dont initial mention the brands. A Quadro is a Quadro made by nvidea but whats happening with the 2080ti and how do I not end up with a dud or pay extra for 1 LED and as cool logo



How do I know which ones are good and which ones are rubbish when it looks like the same card?

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Asus, MSI, EVGA en Zotac generally make good cards without having to worry about them being duds. Gigabyte's reputation on durability with graphic cards seems to be mixed between as good and not as good as the aforementioned ones, though this seems to heavily depend on the GPU card model and might be production batch dependent.


PNY is over here basically the only brand that sells Quadro cards (apart from nVidia if you can get them) and I've not heard/read bad things on their quality in general. So I assume their "consumer level" (e.g. RTX 2080Ti) cards are not likely to be duds either.

Palit seems to be doing fine as well, but I have no experience with them.


One of the reasons for the pricing differences besides brand (quality) reputation (Asus generally costs more than e.g. MSI or Gigabyte) are the extent to which the GPU is overclocked, amount and type or RAM, connections (some cheaper models might e.g. omit the VR headset USB C connection).


I suggest you look first at the specs of these GPU cards to see which ones are within your budget for a GPU and then see which brands are turning out to have those cards.

Stick with the big names for peace of mind (lesser known names can also make really good cards, but if them being "unknown" makes you uncomfortable then don't get one in your budget situation) and then choose  based on must have criteria (e.g. price, RAM, minimum of Display ports, or other connections that match your monitors etc.) if there are differences in that area


e.g. I chose an MSI GPU card over a comparable Asus one because the Asus "only" had 2 Display ports (and 2 HDMI ports), the MSI has 3 Display ports and one HDMI port. For me the number of Display ports was the differentiating factor in favour of the MSI GPU card with everything else being virtually identical. For you the criteria might be different.


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