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CineRenderNEM: Application Error

Tanner Shelton


Hello all,


Any ideas what may be going on? I keep trying to render this scene and it keeps crashing about halfway through the render around 20 minutes or so. I've modified the render settings and turned them down, and turned off layers with more geometry with the same issues. It even crashed my computer with a "Memory_Management" error. I ran a memory test and it said everything was fine. Any ideas? I've also attached the bug report referenced by the error.

failed render.jpg


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20 minutes ago, Tanner Shelton said:

Oh and this has happened more then once in different files. I was able to fix it one time by moving everything to a new file through "Tools" "Organization" but I would like to avoid doing that again as I would lose my sheet layers and linked cameras and viewports.

Crushing when that happens. I feel your pain.

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So, Tanner....you were a bit short on details of HOW to tweaked the clock speed ????  "I pulled it back" ???  really.....and how was that done.

I am having the same issue suddenly on my very expensive new iMac Pro...when rendering in high quality, custom RW.


Did you finally resolve the issue>

I would appreciate knowing if and how you did.





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