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I am not a student but want to learn vectorworks. How can i do this without spending thousands of dollars?

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Background, I work at an Arts organization in programming. I want to learn Vectorworks for a few reasons. I want to be able to include concept to scale drawings of ideas I am pitching. I also think it would be a valuable skill to have on a resume. My company has only one license of Vectorworks and it's not in my department and is not accessible to me. Nor can I afford Vectorworks out of pocket on my own. Any advice? 9apps apk cartoon hd

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The Academic licence for Vectorworks is free for a year while you are a student.  You might actually save some money by enrolling part time in a technical or community college. Some might offer course in Vectorworks. Possibly even online. While you are a student you can get the academic licence. Of course you'll have to pay the cost of the classes that you take but at a community college that will likely be far less than the cost of a retail version of VW. And if you complete the courses you'll have some credits and training to add to your resume too. Once you have learned you can upgrade to a professional licence when you have the skills to get paid for your work. Or as Evan suggests, get an employer to purchase it. 


Both Evan and I have VW tutorials on YouTube here are some links. 






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