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Find angle between two work planes/surfaces - 3D

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No Angular Dimension tool for 3D surfaces as far as I know ...


My proposal for a workaround is:

(... quite complicated, maybe someone here has a better solution ?)


Angle between two intersecting surfaces (the blue ones in my picture)


- draw a third surface that cuts the two other surfaces at the desired measuring lines (the white one in my picture)

- use 3D polygon tool to redraw the two intersecting lines between which you want to measure (guess you can use the 3D Analysis tool for that too)

- set working plane to the third (white) surface

- look at working plane (top view)

- redraw the 3D polylines with 2D polylines

- use the 2D Angular Dimension tool to measure the angle on this working plane

- delete the white surface, the polylines and the 2D lines if needed and keep only the 2D Angular Dimension.




Note: My surfaces are 3D polygons, havn't tested this with nurbs surfaces, but I guess this works similar.



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I eventually worked out the angles. I had a transition plate for a handicap ramp to a cross sloping city sidewalk that can't be altered. It required three folds in the metal, I ended up orienting the primary surface to the xy plane and rotating it until the fold line aligned with either the x or y axis after which it is possible to quickly rotate 90 degrees along the opposite axis to view the first axis perpendicular to the screen. Then an angle measure can be taken. then move onto the next plane. Tedious process prone to error if one is not careful in rotating the fold line to align with an axis. Fortunately I only had to acquire those three angles for the manufacturing process.



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