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rectangle stretch in increments

josue Corona

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Hello WhoCanDo and Larry,

and yes (whocando) basically that's what I am trying to accomplish, that the object to duplicate itself, next to each other as I stretch the rectangle but it will stretch in its own increments. The size of the starting rectangle can be determine in the object info. 

Larry Can the grid spacing be determine if I try that alternative for now?

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I'm still not understanding your intention, but I'm guessing the following. Draw a rectangle and leave it selected. Run the macro and the elastic band will determine X and the location of the new rectangle.


procedure Stretch_and_Move;

pt1, pt2 : vector;
wth, ht : real;

if (Count (Sel = True) = 1) then
  pt1.x := LeftBoundN (Sel = True);
  pt1.y := TopBoundN (Sel = True);
  wth := Width (Sel = True);
  ht := Height (Sel = True);
  GetPtL (pt1.x, pt1.y, pt2.x, pt2.y);
  RectangleN (pt2.x, pt2.y, 1, 0, pt2.x - pt1.x, -Abs (ht));
run (Stretch_and_Move);


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Revised RectangleN values
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