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Disappearing symbols

Andrew Davies




Just went to make some simple changes to some 2D symbols in a drawing.


Opened the file - lots of instances of the same symbol missing.  Edit it in Resource browser and add some geometry to test.  Does not work.  Thumbnail in Resource browser disappears.


Restart Vectorworks -they re-appear (with the added test geometry)

Carry on working


Lo and behold - a different symbol then refuses to be selected (check layer, check class, check everything) - then also disappears


Restart again (10 mins after first re-start) and they re-appear


Have changed the settings to Good Performance and Compatibility ( was on good performance) to see if that helps - but I am on a brand new MacBook Pro - and this has happened before.


So so so frustrating - what a waste of time- just want to get what I need to get done - done,


Any ideas?





OS X 10.15.2, VWX 2020 SP2 Radeon Pro 580 8 GB graphics

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Hmmm... I've had something similar, and thought it was down to a view caching issue. Where the vgm fails to redraw certain things. it thinks it's being efficient but it's skipping bits.

Bit odd that it's localised to one symbol only though, and a different one each time.

in 2019 I had a work-around of inverting the colours in the view, and toggling b&w on and off, which would force a redraw and bring things back



so in most cases a toggle on and off would fix that...

but your symbol missing it's thumbnail in the resource browser could be a different issue.


See if this toggling helps

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I can confirm this happening - with both 2d and 2d/3d symbols.


The issue is very intermittent and undpredictable. The symbols disappear from the resource browser as well.


Although possible, I can't think of what I might have done wrong. Especially not so many times in a row.


Andrew/Tamsin, did you ever find out why?


I'm running 2020 SP3.1




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The issue is intermittent, but when it occurs it gives you a really weird feeling - "Did I just erase that symbol...I can't have....where did it go?". Until you finally realize it's a bug playing tricks on you.



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Hi! I'm a new vw user and  I have VW2021 with the same problem.  Suddenly one or two symbols dissapear from work and resource manager.  Is this a bug or what happend?  Its really frustrating.....  And this happens with all my projects...

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