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stone veneer hatching?

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I'm trying to use the Tile command, but i can't produce the results of the example on page 9-7 (architect). if i draw a rectangle the command works, but if i drawn a polygon like the sample it will not work?

the symbols of the stone veneer was exactly what i was looking for! it would be great if i could figure out how to use it!

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Originally posted by CipesDesign:

Seems to work fine for me, even with an open polygon. Are you sure you are 1) Selecting symbol first, then going to AEC>TILE? 2) Using a polygon as opposed to a polyline (you can convert a polyline to a polygon with the TOOL>CONVERT TO POLYGON command). Hmm...

I think i needed to convert the polyline to polygon, but it was taking to long to tile the stone pattern. maybe it is my machine?

thanks Peter

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