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No 'grandMA' option in DMX Provider List

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Hello all,

I'm using Vision 2020, the two universe version that came with Spotlight (Windows).


I've installed the grandMA driver.


I've double checked the Program Files/Vision 2020/DmxProviders folders, where I found grandMA.dll in both the DmxProviders folder and the '32' folder. I tried various permutations of the DLL in either folder or specific versions in specific folders.


I can't get grandMA to appear in the Provider list (or the multi input list)


Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

After installing the driver did you setup the driver?


The driver doesn't actually start working until you set it up and run it. You'll need to go to the Windows Control Panel, and select grandMA - ESP Vision Driver. By default the control panel is set to Category which won't display the MA driver, so you may need to change to icons at the top right by View by. Once you select the driver, in the window that comes up, you'll change the MA-Net Mode to MA-Net2(unless you're using an MA1) Station IP Address you'll set to if you're using MA2onPC on the same computer that you're running Vision on. For any other setup, like an actual console, you'll pick whatever the other option is. It's different for each setup. Then for MA Session ID, you'll set that to whatever is in the MA, default is 1 for the driver and console. Then press Ok, and start Vision, you should see grandMA in the DMX Provider dialog.

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I've run into this when setting up a new Vision computer but never had a chance to work back on it to file a bug report.


I believe if you install Vision before installing the MA connectivity driver, grandma is removed from the provider list. If you install connectivity driver before Vision, no problems. The fix as Mark pointed out is to reinstall Vision again.


I assume something has changed with Vision over the years and the connectivity driver hasn't been updated by MA to reflect it. The driver hasn't been updated in a long time (5 years?) and is still called ESP Vision connection.


7 hours ago, TomWhiteLight said:

Hi Mark, does the driver come bundled with Vision or is it downloaded separately? If so where from?


The driver is available on MA Lighting website, click Software + Release Notes, scroll to the bottom and find "grandMA ESP Vision connection 1.220"


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

LJ is correct. Since MA makes the driver, we have no control over what it does, or when it gets updated.

I forget exactly what the MA driver is doing that's outdated but, I think it was a registry entry and maybe one of the DMX provider files on the Vision side.

At one point we did have the driver installer bundled with Vision, but we removed it because it's a third party's property.


2 hours ago, Phsion1 said:

However, as a dongle is apparently required for MA OnPC, the whole thing was moot.


That is correct, the MA requires the use of a dongle instead of the normal serial number, to be able to use the driver. Your sales rep should be able to help you get set up with a dongle.

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