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Dissapearing geometry

andreas Ø


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If the geometry has been centered, you may still have other geometry that is far away from the Internal Origin. This can happen when importing DWG files for example, where the draftsperson may have left geometry scattered far and wide.


Create a saved view of your current layer and class visibility. 

Make all classes and layers visible.

In a Top/Plan view, draw a circle over your site with a radius of 5KM.

Deselect the circle and click Fit to Objects. 

Is there anything outside the 5KM circle? If so, this is causing the problem and needs to be removed, or moved within the circle.

Once you are happy that everything is within the circle, run Tools > Origin > Center Drawing on Internal Origin. 

The command will report that the most distant geometry is 5KM from the internal origin. 

Once complete, delete the circle, and restore the saved view.

This should resolve the problem.

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I've had this on some files too. Something to do with the internal clipping planes.

If the far geometry suggestion from @Tamsin Slatter doesn't work, try the perspective control tools in Translate view tool. This is a good fix on many occasions (But not all)



It'll take a combination of the modes marked 2, but you'll know if you're making it better or worse.


If you get anything that resembles this post;


Then it's almost certainly an item or two a long way from the origin


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