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Moving items without breaking viewports


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HI everyone,


I've inherited a file from someone, where they have geometry on different layers, all over the place.

There's a lot of sheets and sections etc. which relate to that geometry.

So, does anyone know of a way to move the geometry in the Design Layer (say, to the origin) on each layer, while preserving the sheets and sections?

Each layer will need to be moved differently to one another, so I'm thinking it's a tall order, but who knows?!


Thanks in advance.

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My technique for this sort of thing is for each vp goto the edit viewport dialogue, select edit DL check the “create vp crop object on DL” (can’t remember exact wording).

Youll get a thick green polygon on your DL which mimics the extent of your vp crop on your sheet. 

Do this for every vp you want to move.


With all classes visible and all objects unlocked you can move the dl objects where you want them. Back on the sheet edit each vp crop to realign with the green polygons. Then move the vp back to where you want it on the sheet. If there are vp annotations then realign those too.

You have to be careful if VPs are viewing more than one dl or if more than one vp is viewing the same dl geometry. 

Yes long and laborious if there are a lot of vps but it works. Would love to know a quicker way...

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Another way is to make new design layers with a DLVP of every relevant layer, either in orig file or in a new file referencing the orig.  Arrange/move the DLVPS as needed to fit in the existing slvp, but show only the DLVP layers. Still a load of work, but at least the orig objects don’t have to be moved. If using a new reference file , the orig file can be updated without messing with the SLVP (much). 



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