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Vision OSX tools not selectable

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@fuberator Make sure you don't have a dialog, like the Vision Preferences, open in the background. Several dialogs in Vision put you into a restricted view where you can navigate but not switch tools.

Does this happen all the time or only when lights actively changing  in the scene?

What connection protocol are you using?

Do you have any other applications running?


Try opening up one of the demo files included with Vision and play the pre-recorded DMX. Make sure tools work correctly in the sample files.


If everything works correctly in the demo file then please contact tech support and send them your file with some dmx recordings if we need them to reproduce the problem.


We have tested on the same OS you are running but not on the same hardware.

If you have issues running the demo file let us know and we will see if we can reproduce the issue on similar hardware.

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Hello and thanks for your reply


I do not have anything connected to this machine, so protocol is whatever is default. I only use it to import geometry and then  run it on a PC for programming, which works fine.

This problem has occured since I first installed Vision 2020.


There are no open dialogs behind or in front, and I am trying a completely empty scene, and I also tried re-installing.




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@fuberator We are searching our office for similar hardware so we can test and see if it's something hardware specific. One more thing to try. Try switching out of dark mode. If it works OK then try switching back to dark mode and see if the problem still exists. There was a strange issue with dark mode that solved itself by going into light mode and did not return when we switched back to dark mode.

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