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Adding trim to walls

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I'm about to start recreating a venue for one of our events. This venue has trim everywhere! All over the walls in every blank space it is filled with a square or rectangle or some other shape of trim. How would you handle adding all of this trim? What is the most efficient way? I have been going through and creating the profile of the trim and then extruding it along a path to create the trim. Which hasn't been a huge deal for ones where there is trim in about 10 placed, but this will be hundreds, meaning I would have to fix every item after extruding along the path as well. Any ideas?

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First question to as is why you need the trim.  If you really need it in 3D because you are concerned about clearances or shadows, they you will have to create it all.


However if it is really just going to be background in renderings, I would consider drawing it in 2D export to an image and create a texture for each wall. Probably only slightly less work than doing 3D models, but it will keep you file much lighter and probably improve rendering speeds.

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