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VWX 2020 crashing after latest SP update

Cyndi S


I just updated VWX 2020 to SP2 and have had the program crash several times, but it had not crashed even once prior to the update. It has occurred while doing more than one task, so it doesn't appear to be a specific bug in the program. Is this a known issue or something I need to change in my settings? 

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I'll give it a try when I have some free time,  I have to say,  resetting my preferences every time this program craps it's pants is enraging.    I can literally think of no other professional piece of software that requires as much preference wiping/reinstalling as this one.    It's akin to the mid 90s when Windows was behaving stupid and the canned answer was reformat and reinstall Windows.   It became just a thing people did every few months or whatever.

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@Jeremy Best I tried the resetting process and the only real change was on startup up I got an error on the Vision Library. Crashes were probably a bit less. Yesterday I have done a clean delete and re-loaded the program and I will let you know about crashes. I am still finding the program to be incredibly slow. Took me 5 minutes to arrange 10 chairs around a table. Every time I hit "shift+arrow" I'd get a pinwheel. But I suspect that issue is more related to vectorworks and macs no longer playing well together.

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10 hours ago, Eric Chase said:

But I suspect that issue is more related to vectorworks and macs no longer playing well together.

Since when has this been your belief or experience? (I've only encountered two matters that relate to Macs specifically. One only affects Mojave users on VW2019 and the other seemingly relates to graphics card drivers exclusive to particular graphics cards and particular Mac operating systems. I don't have full details - and nor is it my purview - but it would be good to get the particulars of your systems and symptoms to engineers so they have the data. (See final paragraph below). 


10 hours ago, Eric Chase said:

on startup up I got an error on the Vision Library

I've posted a remedy for this annoyance here


On 1/23/2020 at 7:03 AM, Cyndi S said:

Although you didn't ask me, the OP, about my results after resetting/reinstalling VWX, I'll be sure to let you know the end result when I've had time to go through that.

Sorry Cyndi, I didn't deliberately omit you. My train of thought left the station without you on board it seems! 


Well, folks; SP3.1 is projected for release in the US in the next day or few (skip SP3.0) so let's see if it delivers better performance for you all (when it gets to your region). If not, recurring crashes (that aren't particular to a file) are prioritised by engineers so I suggest you either funnel your case through your distributor or use the 'Bug Submit' link at the bottom of this page to bring heat to these matters. 


Also, if you can take a moment to populate or update your forum signatures to include your operating system and hardware details and the version/s of Vectorworks you're using it can help us see (anecdotal) trends and help each other quicker. 

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