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Arched Windows

Jim S.

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I am currently working on a project that is a series of old masonry buildings with arched masonry openings but square windows, a fairly common condition.  In VW language the masonry opening is a "segment" top shape. The space between the square top of the window and the masonry "segment" lintel is filled by a panel.  The window sash does not follow the curve of the masonry opening.  


My question is how can you model this? If I chose a segment top shape for the window the sash becomes arched as well as the opening.  Do I really have to model the masonry opening as segmented, then the window in that opening with a square top shape, then an extrusion between the top sash and the curved lintel?


I have about 300 windows with many, many different sizes with this condition.  With the above approach I could make a series of symbols and groups but my head begins to spin thinking about how many I would need plus all the graphic overrides and more symbols to show the demo work on the Exterior Elevations. 


I am sure I am not the only one that has come across this condition with older buildings. What are some ways others have tackled this issue?

window condition.png

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Its a tricky one allright.  I shape the top of the window with a small elipse, but I know what you mean because actually the window is square. The only way I can think of which is immeasurably tricky would be to use an ellipsed cased opening for the masonry element in the main wall and then a thinner top shape square wall in the main wall opening opening to house a standard square window. But that's very fiddly!   The VW window and door tools need a good re-boot!  


It would be really good if the sash windows showed "horns" at the bottom of the upper sash (I think they are called) but that's getting a bit desperate!

Good luck






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HI Jim,


It is very tricky, but this is a horrible solution that I sometimes use on projects where fees are challenging.....It's quick'n'dirty but ok for 2D/low res images. Basically tweaking the spring and rise settings to keep the whacky geometry extending outside the object. try playing around with those 2 values and see what I mean....B

Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 07.23.29.png


Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 07.27.47.png

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