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Niels Timmer

Vectorworks Bugs when working with Marionette

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Hi all,


When I'm working with the Marionette-tool, very often I get these problems:


  1. The OIP does not update when I select different objects. I can only change properties this way: right-click > properties
  2. Cmd + z doesn't take me one step back, but a lot of steps. Meaning that cmd + z very often erases my work for the last hour. Redo doesn't work. Edit > Undo doesn't have this problem.


Are others also facing these issues?


I use Vectorworks on both MacOS and Windows, the described problems occur on both operating systems.

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Hi Neils!


Can you provide me with a file that presents this issue? We're working on tracking this one down but haven't been able to find a reproducible case.

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Next time you see this happen, can you send me the file you're working in with as many of the previous steps you remember taking before noticing the issue?


I also don't mind collecting the files that you've encountered it in, but without narrowing down what you're doing it's going to be hard to find the culprit.


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I don't think this bug is drawing specific.  While building Marionette networks, every 20 minutes or so this happens where the OIP stops updating/responding.  Whenever I encounter this, I immediately save, close the document, and reopen it (not restarting Vectorworks) and am able to keep working.

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It's as @Jesse Cogswell  has mention, every time I begin working with marionette at work, I have found it changes a few things

- I can no longer left-click to select an object, node, line etc...it will only highlight the object. If I right-click on the object, only then the OIP comes up with description, values etc

- I have not had any issues with the undo step but I have noticed graphic issues for example; Running Test on marionette nodes will not display any object even though it shows 'Group' in the OIP. ( saved the file, exit vectorworks and restarting it shows drawing entities in the group),

-  or sometimes, you run the command and nothing works or shows, and to only get your drawing back is saving it in hopes when you shut down and restart vectorworks, it is saved there.

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