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Text - Engraved & 3D

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Try the following after you have your text as you want it:

- Convert your text to 2D objects using TrueType to PolyLine.

- Ungroup the result, give it a fill and then Extrude it by the depth you require.

- Superimpose it over an extruded base solid and then use Subtract Solids to remove it from the solid. (Make sure it projects above the base solid.)

This will cut the text out of the base solid and should give you the appearance you want. The 3D effect will depend on how 'deep' your text subtraction is.

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- Use normal Text and then space so there is sufficient space between the letters to accommodate the tapers.

- Apply Tapered Extrude with a -ve angle to each letter individually.

- Solid Subtract from the base solid as before.

Any letters with enclosed areas such as 'P' and 'R' will have to be done in two parts. First the outer perimetrer 3D shape and then the inner 3D shape so that it can be Solid Subtracted from the outer perimeter 3D shape.

Would be slow and laborious but it could be done.

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It might be the angle of the taper meaning that it is getting too tight on the curves. Also if any portion intersects it will not work.

You may need to use Offset and then Multiple Extrude (make sure the smaller profile is at the back). You may need to do this in an older version of VW to get it work correctly and then convert it to VW 11.5. (The new Offset Tool doesn't work like the old Offset Tool and as a result you can no longer do a simple offset and then multiple extrude - the numbers of vertices differ in the two profiles and the multiple extrude goes wierd!)

Alternatively you could draw the two S profiles and then Multiple Extrude.

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