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By popular demand, I have just released a Mouldings plugins DEMO version, so you can evaluate them all and, in case, proceed to buy.


You can download the demo and find more info on Mouldings plugins starting from:


The DEMO plugins do all what the full version does, but they have, of course, some limitations.

Each time you change a parameter of a Mouldings object, a message shows up, reminding you that you are running the DEMO.


You can exit this dialog clicking the link button to Mouldings page (with the chance to buy) or clicking Close.

The close button halts execution for 5 seconds, but after that, changes to the object are regularly applied.



  1. Unzip the downloaded file.
  2. You get two folders and a pdf (Mouldings plugin IV Manual).
  3. Move the “Mouldings” folder inside your Vectorworks Plug-ins folder.
  4. Move the “Moulding - Models” folder inside Vectorworks Libraries/Defaults folder.
  5. Restart Vectorworks.
  6. Edit your workspace adding the (Mouldings) plugins.


Whenever you'll upgrade to the full version, you’ll just have to replace the two folders above with the new ones I'll send, restart Vectorworks (no need to edit the workspace again) and your saved works will recognise the new plugins seamlessly.

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