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.OBJ file import problem --> .mtl file not found (but I have it!)

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Hi all,


I just bought a bunch of 3D people, posed, from AXYZ-design.com

Some of them are in SketchUp format, and the import into VW, via SU, is a breeze, for good enough results.


Some of them are in .obj format, and invariably I get the following error: Texture or *.mtl file not found (see screenshot)


The folder containing the .obj file has all the necessary files: *.mtl file named exactly the same as the .obj file, a bunch of .jpg files with different outfits for the person etc.

See screenshot.


The OBJ import help pages on VW say that: 


Material files may fail to import if the referenced texture files require codecs that are not installed. 


What codecs?


So I'm stuck at this point.

Importing without textures means - I assume - mapping a texture to the model after import, which seems fiendishly difficult through the Resource Manager > Create New Texture etc... the whole mapping of the texture onto a complex mesh shape is not an easy thing... I can just about do it to a wall surface!


So perhaps I'm missing something here.


Any help / pointers greatly appreciated, as I very much hope there's a (relatively straightforward) solution to my problem.


Thanks in advance for any pointers / help.






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I use OBJ a lot when exporting from TouchCAD to various rendering programs as well as VW. The basic structure consists of the OBJ file itself, containing coordinates, normals, and UV mapping coordinates, and which material/texture it uses for each part, etc. In this file,  you also have a referral to the .mtl file, which either contains color, material, etc for the model. If the part contains an image based texture, the  .mtl also contains the name of the image used. What it does not contain however is the full file structure, so it's  super important that these three basic file types are located in the same folder. Also, make sure that the file names in the respective files matches the real file names exactly. If not, you will get such an error message.   

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