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Muntins customisation possible?


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I am trying to create the window in the attached photo.

I have used a custom sash, 2 rows, 3 columns with fixed glass and bi-parting casements to approximate the original window.

Is there a way to control the muntins in each sash independently?

I would like to delete the vertical muntins in the middle sash but keep them in the sashes to the left and right.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions!

Many thanks,



Window VWX.jpg

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Yes, and don't forget that you can create Muntins either with the Muntin tool, or sometimes even easier by going to a frontal view and (in screen plane) drawing the Muntin configuration as a closed polygon, then extruding, then move into place in Top/Plan. Of course these can be selected with the window and made into a Symbol.

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22 hours ago, CipesDesign said:

Yes, and don't forget that you can create Muntins either with the Muntin tool


What's the Muntin tool?


(By the way it would be nice if region-specific versions of VW could use the correct terminology for building elements. In the UK we don't call these muntins; they are glazing bars. It adds an extra level of confusion to the options in tools if you also have to go and find out what unfamiliar terms mean.


Not only are we disallowed the superior window/door tools that users in other regions have access to but we have to decode north american terminology used in the permitted, substandard ones.)

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