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2D Drawings and Pointcloud


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Hello everyone,


In some works I need to generate 2D drawings from a Pointcloud management. I used to cut the point cloud, define some new workplane, and than draw the 2D facade or plan view.


But I did this simply because I did not have a good machine and for me using the clip was impossibile.


Actually I can use Clip Cube because of my new iMac, but there is a little problem: I can't see my draw outside the clipcube!


I can use screen plan to draw, but in this case I can't see my 2D draw on personal workplane on a 3D view to manage specific point, for instance. This is very powerful and I need it to define specific points on different depths.


I'd like to use clip cube and personal workplane to use also the save views. But save views can save clip cube only, and, as I said before, I can't control clip cube on point cloud and a external 2d draw on same time.



Schermata 2019-11-28 alle 11.50.43.png

Schermata 2019-11-28 alle 11.50.32.png

Schermata 2019-11-28 alle 11.50.37.png

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