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PanzerCAD's ViewPack 11.5 released

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Hi Mickey,

I think Philip stated it better on the Vectorworks Mailist forum. I don't think he'll mind me quoting him (below).

BTW: Our website has some movie tutorials that help show what these commands do. Excuse the amateur quality. They're my first attempt at movie making but they get the idea across...

His quote:

On Aug 1, 2005, at 12:06 AM, Philip Wheelock wrote:

Updated to PanzerCAD's Viewport Pack tonight. With a keystroke I can now go from inside a viewport to an *editable* default design layer for that viewport, also with *editable* layers and classes visibility (and back again). Also shows the viewport crop in the design layer.

Plus a half dozen other useful commands. Holy Cow! This is

major-league stuff.

PanzerCAD has just solved the significant production slowdown that I've struggled with since viewports and VectorWorks 11 came on the market. Amazingly useful.

No financial interest, except that I'm going to be making more money now... ;-)


All the best,


Philip S. Wheelock, Jr. AIA

Wheelock Associates Architects

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That's right it's a seperate mailing list that VW users use to converse with each other. Emails are sent to your mailbox and you post to the list your questions and replies for all to recieve on the list.

I've found it a faster response method at times to this forum and everybody is very helpful.


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