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Editing beam angle?

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Hi, so I've added some SGM Palco 3 units to my show and the beam angle in the vectorworks model is 8 degrees rather than the 25 degree lens I have in it. I've edited it in the symbol in VW but the image in Vision seems to be really quite tight. Where do I edit the beam in Vision to the correct width? It doesn't seem to be in the properties window.



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Attachments aren't quite working and until they work better we should probably remove the UI.


From what I can tell looking at that fixture, it accepts DMX in the range of 0-255 on it's first channel for controlling zoom.

Keep in mind that VW doesn't handle DMX for movers but Vision requires it.

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Okay so that bits work in progress then..


There isn't (or shouldn't be) a focus on the fixture. I should've mentioned that VW only has SGM Palco 3 Mobile (movable head). I'm only using standard palco, Channel layout:


Ch 1 Shutter/Strobe Shutter and strobe functions are adjustable and random. Pulse Functions

Ch 2 Dimmer intensity control

Ch 3 Continuous Red saturation control 0-100% / White1

Ch 4 Continuous Green saturation control 0-100%/ White2

Ch 5 Continuous Blue saturation control 0-100%/ Amber

Ch 6 CTC Continuous colour temperature control

Ch 7 Macro functions

Ch 8 White balance control

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I'm looking at the SGM Palco 5 and the SGM Palco 3 (these are the display names that should show up in the Fixture Mode / Vision).

We may need to tie @Mark Eli in here as he handles our fixture personalities.


From what I can see though, it looks like channel 1 controls both the strobe and the zoom, which doesn't seem quite right 😛 So, I'm assuming I'm reading the content wrong.

Perhaps you could verify this?


In theory, if you're sending 255 to channel 2 (the dimmer channel) and you send DMX values between 8-15 to channel 1, it should have a narrow zoom (5 degs) and the strobe will be in the On state. If you're sending 255 to channel 2 (the dimmer channel) and you send DMX values between 200-223 to channel 1, it should have a wide zoom (8 degs) and the strobe will be in the On state.


Now that I'm typing this out, it may be that this is how the fixture is designed. Hard for me to say as I'm just a code monkey 🤣


Hopefully @Mark Eli can chime in and help get things rolling!

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