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New Layers: Georeferencing on by default?


Small request, but would it be possible to set the default for new design layers to be for the georeferencing to be switched on please?

Even if it's on a file specific basis, so you can select that all new layers in a particular file will be set to georeferenced?


At the moment the file is automatically geo-referenced, but the layers are default not, and everytime a new layer is created the setting has to be manually turned on.

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Interesting point Lisa. I guess the issue would be that many customers would not want this, and it could interfere with other workflows. But it might be nice to maybe have an option where you can choose if you want all new layers to be georeferenced?

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Yeah I think so? I understand a lot of people maybe wouldn't use it, but seems odd to set the file to automatically geo-reference, without the layers doing the same?


At the moment, even without turning the georeferencing layer settings on, the file is georeferenced by default.


So for anyone not working in a georeferenced environment, with the georeferencing for each of the layers turned off, it's then difficult to import or export occasional GIS information, because VW assumes your drawing, (centred on the internal origin,) to be in Greenwich Park geographically, and imports / exports the shapefiles geographically? (This is actually how we first came across georeferencing in VW 2020, as we had issues with alignment between the two where we never did before!)


It just seems to make sense to either have both settings off by default or on by default? Or yes, definitely to be able to have the option to choose on a file by file basis what the default is. (I'm just not really sure of the workflow that benefits from the file default being on while the layer default is off?)

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