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rotate, sort, extract polylines from surface out of solids


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Hi Marionettes 🙂



is it possible to get some Marionette which does the stuff in the title?


I can´t do this by Hand, because there are app. hundreds of pieces from a parasolid file (which are non ineriorcad 3D-parts) and i Need to get them onto my machine.


So i Need to "extract" the Surface (out of the modelling tools) and turn the Output (poly) into a 3D-part.


By hand this is really slow and annoying, if u got hundreds of solids u have to machine.


So i think, if i can imagine a Marionette, which , sort them by thickness, rotate them all in the following way->  that the Main-Surface of the pieces are in the same "Level Z=0" then get the "extract tool" of the top Surface into a poly and made 3D-Parts for interior cad.


(the last step is possible to do it manually, because i can select multiple polys and using the flash-tool-3D-part for making multiple 3D-parts with one click)




PS: applying the Name of the parasolid-volumes onto the polys or the 3D parts (if it is poss to make this 3D-part-interiorcad command by marionette) would be a nice plus.

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Yes you could probably do the with Marionette, but in my opinion, Marionette is much better for generating new geometry than for working with existing objects.


I would recommend learning Vectorscript or Pythonscript for doing tasks like this. I think you will have much better luck even if the learning curve is a little steeper.


But I don't have time right now to be of much help in creating this script.

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I did not found the node for placing part3d of interiorcad. U know where it is or how ist IS named?


What U would do instead of sorting Them ans get the surface boundary for making Part 3d? 


The task is, Putting existing geometry on the CNC machine. Before i Started this Job i could Not Imagine, that with vektorworks it is so complicated Putting imported 3d geometrY Into CNC Code and i never thought that unparametrical modelling exists.


Thx so far Then.


Maybe i will get an additional different Software for me to do the stuff VW cant do.

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