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VWStaticTextCtrl SetColor


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I never used this function, but maybe the dialog is not yet displayed when you call the function? Does it fail on Mac and Windows or just on one platform? Does the control with the given ID actually exist and is it a static text control? Which RGB values are you passing? How did you initialize the CRGBColor? Check if your color has a valid color ref and check the RGB values.

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18 minutes ago, Nicolas Goutte said:

2020 or 2019?

Ich have checked in our code base. In 2019 VWStaticTextCtrl does not work with styles. In 2020 it was corrected.


In 2019, you have to use ISDK::CreateStyleStaticText instead of ISDK:CreateStaticText (as VWStaticTextCtrl does) to been able to have style.

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We are using VW2020.

    auto statTX = GetStaticTextCtrlByID(kedtitDim_EffLengthBasket);
    Uint8 R = 255;
    Uint8 G = 0;
    Uint8 B = 0;
    CRGBColor color(R, G, B);    
    statTX->SetColor(color, false /*atDialogInitTime*/ );

I was calling this in DispatchEvent and OnUpdateUI without any effect.

What we want is to make the static text red dynamically when a value is invalid.

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