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4k monitor pros/cons


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Hey Zoomer, 

thank you very much for the detailed response. 


I too looked at the Samsung Viewfinity S9 but here in Australia they are sold for the exact same price as the apple display which is over $2200AUD RRP. I've taken a look at it in person and not impressed with the build quality at all. It looks fantastic online but it turned out to be plastic everywhere and the hinges seem to be rather squeaky.

Your information on the 4K display was very educational with regards to the issues faced when scaling  as I was thinking about moving down to a 24in. I think the conclusion is to suck it up and stick to the 5K Studio display. 

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I am also in need of 1-2 Displays.


If I would not see problems with 4k displays,

I would be happy with the cheaper M8 32"

(which mimics an iMac in cheap plastic)


You can get it here sometimes for less than 500 €,

unfortunately only the pink version 🙂

But the M8 itself is at least not super ugly.


Maybe for the PC with a 150% scaling ....

(Not sure if meanwhile such scaling would work with Bricscad on Windows,

but I expect problems again with Bricscad on Linux)




11 hours ago, smv said:

I too looked at the Samsung Viewfinity S9 but here in Australia they are sold for the exact same price as the apple display


I would be only interested in the Studio Display base model.

No need for height adjustment and even less for the coating.

(I want to be allowed to clean my screens with any cloth or liquids in reach)

So if there is only about 200 € difference, of course I would go with the original too.


AFAIK there are 5k monitors from Dell too.

My 24 is a Dell. Not as ugly as many others but not cute.

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I have been using a variation of this 42.5" 4K LG display since early 2020 (last big purchase before COVID hit).  A friend of mine had been trying to get me to buy one for years, but a display that size seemed to me to be far too large.  I finally caved and bought one, and it was seriously life changing.  I can look at a D-Size plate in nearly 1:1 size on the screen, and with DPI scaling set to 100%, I can get nearly the full OIP for Lighting Device objects without having to scroll.  It's really helped with being able to see the bigger picture while also reducing eye strain.


So much room for activities:



Even better, if you treat the monitor as quadrants, you get 4 1080, 21" displays out of it.  It even has a picture in picture mode so that you can have multiple video sources on screen at once.  It tops out at 60hz, so definitely not the best for gaming, and the color isn't reference monitor accurate, but it does work great for drafting.  The only snag is that VW doesn't quite handle jumping back and forth between the monitor and my laptop display (which is also 4K, but run at 200% scaling), so I have to resize all of my palettes everytime I jump back and forth.  Minor complaint but a complaint none the less.


It's also a bit too large and bulky for most standard VESA arms, which can be a bummer for some folks.

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6 hours ago, E|FA said:

BenQ has monitors with a CAD/CAM setting.  Does anyone have any experience with them?


Absolutely love BenQ monitors. Have owned two 32", and used many more. You won't use the CAD/CAM setting. From memory, it's sort of like a brown dark mode that takes over the whole screen, and is seemingly specifically intended for AutoCAD. However, BenQ monitors are very easy on the eyes, so there's no need for that CAD/CAM mode.

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I've been on a 43" Dell for the past year or two. That past 8 years have been a mix of 43" (including a Sony TV), 40" curved (Dell), and 32" (BenQ). The only caveat is that currently all 42/43" monitors have a terrible subpixel layout, so text looks like trash on screen. Also, any wireframe stuff definitely doesn't look as pretty. For me, the productivity outweighs that.


For some reason, the 40" curved did not have this subpixel layout (same horizontal pixels as a 43"), so it was truly the best of all worlds. I just missed having that vertical real estate. Anyway, if anyone is picky about pretty pixels, stick to the 32" monitors for now.


Personally, I'm hoping for a refreshed (pardon the pun) version of this discontinued model: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1559359-REG/asus_pg43uq_rog_swift_43_4k.html


Also, when you hit 43" wide, you really want a curved display. Anything over 32" benefits from the curve, especially when viewing screen corners.

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So just an update here and request for some help!
I ended up grabbing a Dell Ultrasharp 27in 4k. Its 163ppi and I tested it as a 2nd display on my iMac prior to moving across to windows and I was able to tell line weight difference up to 0.18mm 

However, for some reason now that I am on VW on PC, lineweights do not show up until 0.35mm! Could this be an issue with the settings? WhenI zoom in and out it seems to display the thickness difference, however, once I move the cursor the line weights go back to all being the same. This is driving me nuts.

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