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Sections in viewport

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Sure can. The 3d Section goes to a Design Layer then you link the DL to the ViewPort and declare the render settings. Works great ! But since sections require a Col. Grid , you need the Column Grid on a separate DL and also linked to its own ViewPort overlaying the Section ViewPort or paste it into annotations.

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Or, create a model view first, then section the model view and create a viewport of that.

Incidentally, I've found it useful for perspective or isometric sections to create both a 2d and a 3d section at the same point, then convert the 2d section to 3d and place it over the cut in the 3d section. By fiddling with the fill on the 2d section you can get your 3d section properly poched (otherwise the cut walls look hollow).

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Is everyone knows that once your 3D cut section and viewport to do all the annotation or dimension are seen all right.But when there is any changes of the 3D modeling, all viewport can updated all accept the section view can't.You needed to redo the 3Dcut section again than you have the new update one in you VP sheet.So is there any solutions for that only we edit to 3D model & it will update all the viewport.

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