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Auto created Class control

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There seems to be a lot more auto-generated classes lately. For example, if I insert a stage light to project a gobo or I simply want the instrument body to appear as part of the scenery in my rendering, that auto creates four classes: Braceworks, Hanging Point, Distributed load and Point load. When I try to delete these classes I'm informed that "one of more of the objects I'm trying to delete is a required component..."  Even after I have moved the objects to other classes. Same with all kinds of objects and symbols. It makes me not want to import anything in from the RB for fear of cluttering up my document with undeleteable classes. 


I can go into the Org panel and work my way up the tree reassigning and deleting and it looks like it worked. But exit, and there they are, still in the navigation stack. I go to one of these classes with Layers=S/S/MO and Classes=Active only and Ctrl-A and get nothing. So these are empty but undeletable classes. 


Is there a way to control the auto-generated classes or at the very least delete them effectively? 


VW 2020 Windows 10 

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Control them by turning off the Document Preference for Standard Naming...

You can set up your own standards if you wish.


Not sure why you can't delete classes.

If the Class exists in the file, simple right click on the Class in the Navigation Palette and select Delete.

If the Class is being used in the document, reassign objects to another existing class.


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@DBruhnke Yeah, I know. That's why I'm looking for help. Its like a horror movie. I think I've killed them off and then.... The're BACK!!! I'll look into the Doc Preferences.  

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I've run into the "can't delete class" problem before:

"None" and "Dimension" can't be deleted because the are default classes. 

If you are using a class that has a a plug-in object assigned to it (data tag, lighting label legend, etc), you have to delete the individual components before you can delete the class

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@livespace josha Exactly. None and Dimension are fixed. Show up in every file.

If you delete a class and reassign any objects using that class to the new assignment, the class will vanish.

If you then turn around and import a standard symbol again, you get the class back again.

Unless your Document Settings are adjusted.


Killing Classes and New classes showing up unannounced is also a tracking nightmare when you already have VP's that use the class you want to delete/replace.

Not sure that there is an easy "fix" to manage classes because we keep a fairly tight leash on the naming but without fail, someone will copy a symbol from an old file that is drawn with classes not in the current document and the question always comes up, "Where is the thing I just drew in the VP?"


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@livespace josha Right. But its not working. Maybe its a glitch in my file. I've already moved the light objects to a different class where they clearly are and the Braceworks classes are all empty. I delete them. They are gone. And then almost instantly they are back. All I can think of is simply the presence of the light symbols in the file is forcing the related classes to regenerate. 

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