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Parametric interiorcad Modules


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Hi there, 


I am verY New in vw and i am struggling with the Missing parametric Design while modelling some cabinets ans similar objects. 


In the past i used Solid works, Solid Edge and topsolid. 


Is IT possible, to add marionettes in the History of the modelling Makros from VW? Fe i make a Volume Subtraktion and Then i enter the Subtraktion and place a Marionette for moving the subtractor or the subtracted Volume somehow?


BR kc

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I don't think that will work. Subtract (Add/Intersect) Solids requires Solids to operate on. I don't think Marionette Objects are considered solids. 


Try it manually with your Marionette Object. If you can Add or Subtract a solids using the menu commands then you should be able to use it in a script (or manually into the history of an object).


If not, try Convert to Generic Solid. It will lose the parametricness of the Marionette but will keep the shape.

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You can certainly do Solid Additions and Solid Subtractions in Marionette objects. You can do almost anything you can do in VW in a Marionette object.


I actually just tried this. I created a very simple Marionette that creates an extruded rectangle. I then manually extruded a circle into a cylinder. When I did a Add Solids using the two objects the Addition completed properly.


If your Marionette creates an object that can be Added or Subtracted if manually created then it should work as part of any solid object and you should be able to copy/paste it into an already existing object in place or (or in addition to) objects that are already in the history.

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