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Check 3d polys will find duplicate points, or anywhere the drawing has crossover points. After you run it, a dialog will pop up telling you where the first bad point is. Once you fix that, run it again and it will tell you where the next point is.. so forth and so on.

Instead of the triangulation, you can change the DTM views to mesh or grid to get a smoother DTM result. You can change the view after creating the DTM by going to DTM Processor, View Options.

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I have run the check polys and have fixed all of the crossing points. I still get the error 20,2 and another error 20,1. What do the error codes mean?

When I originally made the model I did use mesh and I still get a rough looking model.

Will 3D loci give me a more realistic result? I have tried to use it, but when I try to use the DTM processor I get the error code 20,1. When I converted the 3D polys there where no crossing points. How would I find duplicate points for 3D loci?

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