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Extruding Nurbs Curves???

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Hi all - I was feeling pretty clever after FINALLY tracing a series of Art Deco-ish waves using nurbs curves.

It was complicated, and I'm sure I did it "wrong," but I love the shape that resulted. (Can I display an image here??)

Problem is, I cannot figure out how to extrude this beautiful shape in order to pop it up in 3-D.  My usual

strategies have failed me: clip surface, combine surface, etc.  I tried converting to a 2-D polygon. Nothing has

worked.  Anyone know an "easy" solution? Or do I need to start from scratch?


Thanks for any suggestions!


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In short: this is made up of several nurbs curves, copied/pasted, and "stretched" to create the wave pattern

I added the rectangle below for structural purposes. Is there a way to combine/intersect all these shapes into

something I can extrude? Or is it a lost cause?


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If u use the compose command (modify menu > compose) you get one nurbs curve, then create a nurbs surface from that (model menu > 3d power pack > create nurbs surface).

A nurbs surface can be shelled (3d tools in pallete) 

This will give you an extruded nurbs 🙂

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Make sure they are composed together as one object using the compose command. Then convert them to a surface (3D powerpack)


Then use the push/pull tool or the shell tool to give the surface the thickness you require.


Hope that helps.


EDIT: posted simultaneously with Bas!!

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Mark and Bas are correct. However, I would draw this with the polyline tool from the get go instead of nurbs. I think it gives more control and easier to edit, but just my opinion - There is nothing wrong with nurbs. 




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The problem with NURBS in VW is that it needs surgery to come up to par with what other programs can do, and to get editing capabilities being similar to other features in VW, such as editing polylines in 2D. The underlying features are there in the library on which is based, so it's all about improving the user interface. Personally, I always import my NURBS objects from an external program. 

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