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Screen Refreshing

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I was working on a drawing that was started on a different machine. The person working on this file was experiencing problems. The drawing would not refresh itself after an object was moved (you have to zoom out to see the results). I thought it his machine, but later I started working on the file and was having the same results.

any ideas?

[big Grin]

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We had a problem like this as well, I can only offer corroboration not a solution.

We had a file where working in the annotation of viewports after duplicating items that dimensions, the duplicated objects, various items would not show up. It was all to do with refresh, because when the Dimensions failed to appear, there would be what looked to be a white rectangle that demarcated the bounding box of said dimension.

We sent the file in, and they asked us to disable a couple of fonts, but to no avail. Thus far it seems to be limited to that file, but we are only a month or two into the migration to VW11.

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Wouldn't you know it, I say it is only one file, then the file I am working on starts this behavior. I was using the OIP to try different rotations of a piece of text, and after the 4th or fifth, it suddenly dissappeared, but came back after a pan.

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I too have had similar problems with screen refresh and screen flickering in VW11.5. I have posted numerous times with this question and it most frequently happens with callouts or text editting. We are on WinXP and I have it occurring on two seperate computers. The revision cloud is the next one causing file corruption. I sent in a good example of this previously and was told it was a layer scale issue. I don't accept this as a proper answer.

I cannot be the only experiencing these callout problems. Any other takers??

Tom in PA............still slooowww!

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Unfortunately, this is one of those persistent issues that's been around for quite some time now. After struggling with it and finally getting it beat, I can just say that if there are any 'conflicts' between fonts or font sizes or objects or hatches or hatchename strings or classes or layers or symbols or tools then VW responds with the behavior noted. Thats it ... simple.

I run each file through my quantum chromatograph to check for the misalignment of entangled qubits ; )

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