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Renderworks Camera Exposure - what am I not getting

Anthony Neary

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I'm not sure what I am doing incorrectly here.


I am playing around with the Renderworks Camera Tool with the exposure, bloom, etc settings, and I am not seeing any differences when rendering.


Now, I am just in my design layer and using a selection of custom render styles to mess around here.  Is there a setting in the render styles that has to be active for the camera effects to be applied?  Or do they only work on viewports in sheet layers?


Otherwise as I said, I am not seeing any change in my results when adjusting camera settings like exposure and bloom.


What I am playing around with is wanting to adjust exposure and bloom so that my spotlight lens glow texture looks like the fixture is actually emitting light as in real life.  Then will adjust exposure and spotlight object light brightness to get my renders looking more realistic.  This was a suggestion from Jim a while ago I just haven't had time to sit down and play around with it.


I feel like I'm missing something.


Running 2020 SP2.

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