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IFC Data missing, after applying optical properties with pipette



Hi there,



i got some IFC data vom Yacht intrerior designer here, and i am struggling with some Problems.


1. All the objects got ifc data, but the export-interface out of SolidWorks put them onto the ifc-container, which includes the Group, the Symbol, the Group and the geometry. clear is, that if i break the upper Level (ifc object) Group it will remove all the ifc data.


2. the geometrical objects are hided in some group-structure with up to 4 Levels. So if i enter the upper Level of the containers (ifc object) and break the inner structure of the Groups down to the geometry, it is more easier for u to use this data.

3. If i finished one object, i colored it green to ensure, that i dont Forget some piuce. After the 2. piece i finished, i pipetted the optical Information (green fill color) onto the 2. one.

with the following adjustments.


The 2. one went green, but all ifc data of the 2. objects are now blown away? This is not good. What i am doing wrong, or is this a bug or software mistake?


4. Is it possible, to add the ifc data onto the last Level, where my geometry is, or how my solidworker has to Export the geometry that there are no containers and i only get the geometry with my ifc data?


5. The yachtdesigner uses solid works but his exportdialogue and his Exports has no structure what i Need in vectorworks. Is there some procedure, that he can Export it with real geometry without inner structure.


Maybe some guys here have experience with importing ifc- data and so on.


br KC

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