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Using Detail Level To Display 2D Symbol at Different Orientations

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Looking for a solution when in Top/Plan view. I would like to be able to have different 2D geometry for a fixture that is yoke down vs yoke or a batten that is horizontal vs vertical. 


Right now I do this with separate symbols for each 2D orientation. Obviously 3D is simple because I can just rotate the fixture. 


I was hoping to accomplish this using Low, Medium, and High Level of detail in the Component Edit dialog while editing a symbol. Just make each level of detail a different orientation. This idea works except the only place I can choose which detail to see is in Sheet Layers. I would like to be able to choose this in my Design Layer as well. Is that an option at all? I may be missing something. 


Open to other ideas if anybody has a nifty way of solving this. 



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The visible level of detail applies to the entire view or viewport in order to simplify the drawing at smaller scales (and in 2020, increase navigation speed when zoomed out). This won't help you here.


Separate symbols is the way to go. Use classes to maintain visual consistency and Lighting Symbol Maintenance to maintain data consistancy.


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