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Stair Clipping coming through walls

Tim Norman-Prahm


Dear All


Does anyone know how to stop this happening! I am a fledgling VW BIM learner 

I have noticed that top and bottom of the stair has a weird clip / cut fill that comes through all layers. It does not show in the camera mode - just in clip cube - so If I want to export a view it shows through. 


Any solutions approaches appreciated! 





Stair Clip.png

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Interesting idea 

How do you approach it - is it all free form solid elements? Does this integrate okay in your 2D drawings too. woudl be interested to also see an example. 






14 minutes ago, Jim Smith said:

Get out now! It's a trap!


The lesson I have learnt the hard way over these many years is the tool in its many iterations is a time sink so I model my own stairs.




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@Tim Norman-Prahm Generally we work with a very basic 2D stair in plan in SD & DD, just a series of rectangles on a Layer called "Vert Trans Main". This is a Hybrid 2D/3D Symbol and is used to lock in the space and as the layout develops the stair may morph as required, but we've not spent very much time on all the gadgets in the stair tool only to move it, alter it, make mental gymnastic kung fu moves.   As the stair starts to get "locked in" we build a 3D model stair, in a 3D stair class to control the visibility. 3D model starts kinda blocky then gets more refined as required. As we get closer to permit drawings I take a deep dive into classes in 2D to get the look I want on a plan. The 3D model allows me to cut the sections for construction details.   

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