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The practice I work for is rather fond of a Sketchup rendering style (image below). I'm looking to reproduce this/get as close as possible in VW to save importing the VW model into Sketchup to take some views from. Any tips on where to start? It seems to be a mix of both a VW Sketch Style and an Artistic Renderworks style but I don't have a lot of experience rendering in VW.

The lines I can probably get close to, but is there a way to get the border effect? Likewise for the texture that comes through, is there any way to achieve this?


Thanks in advance!



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Hi James, you can achieve a similar look although not exactly the same by using the soft edge image effect in the OIP. I'm not sure if the attached render is what you're looking for, but this image was achieved with Artistic Renderworks, lines & Shadows and a Blue sky RW background, then soft edges in 'Apply Image Effects'.

Artistic render.jpg

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There may be another way to achieve the Sketchup look using a custom RW background, but 'better' is in the eye of the beholder. There's always Photoshop to create the background but I'm guessing you want to avoid using an external program. Maybe VW will add this type of Image effect in a future release.

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