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I have a 3 story residential structure in my project.  I also created a site model.  I want to place the residential structure on the site model at the correct elevation.  I am unable to use the send to surface command for the building.  Several of the design layers are locked? and will not respond to the command send to surface?  suggestions?  I am using VW2020


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Several  ways to do this with DVLPs:

1. Keep it all in one file.

• Create a new blank layer.

• On this layer create a DVLP with its layer visibility showing only the layers containing arch elements.  (nothing else should be present on this DVLP layer)

• Adjust the DVLP xyz to match the required location and elevation

• Adjust the overall drawing file layer visibility to hide everything except layers with the site elements, and the DVLP.

• For Sheet Layer ViewPorts showing both arch and site, adjust OIP layer visibility as needed to show the site and the DVLP layer (not the individual arch layers).

• Other SLVPs may not need to show the DVLP.


OR . . .


2. Split the project into two (or several) separate files, eg  architectural elements, and site elements.

• Choose one to be the "Project" file (probably the site).

• In the Project file, create a new design layer and make a Design Layer Viewport in this layer referencing the other (probably architectural) file.

• This DVLP can be moved in xyz as needed.

• Additional DVLPs can be created on different layers if different visibilities are needed

• Any saved changes to the arch file will cause the DVLP to be out of date, so update the DVLP to show the changes: Navigation or Organization Palette>Reference tab>Right click item in the list & choose Update.

• DVLPs do not add their classes and layers to the project file. But, the DVLP Layer/Class visibility is controlled in its OIP dialog.

• If a Sheet Layer VP needs different layer/class visibility of one of the DVLPs, Duplicate the DVLP layer and adjust visibility in the dupe OIP, then show the dupe layer, rather than the orig, in the SLVP.


OR . . .


3. Present the project in a Master File. More elaborate version of #2.

• Master file is blank, except it contains layers for DVLPs of arch, site and any other files

• Master file is where all the Sheet Layer VPs are created and annotated.







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