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Jörgen Dohmen

Housepoints vs straight drop

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Hi Everybody,


Does anyone know how to attach a single bridle or motor direct to a house riggingpoint? I get only bridles with more then one leg to work.



Thanks in advance!

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First, make sure the truss is centered directly beneath the house rigging point to ensure the greatest chance of success. Next, insert a single drop, this should attach the house rigging point to the truss. Now select the drop, go into the Object Info Palette and choose the option to replace the down leg with hoist. Let me know if you run into any issues.

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Unfortunately the functionality you seek does not exist (despite it being a very common rigging practice).  Multiple users have pointed this out.

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I'm afraid Mike is correct regarding this particular issue. Due to user feedback we are looking at how to change this and several other area's of Braceworks to both improve the workflow and better reflect real world rigging practices.

This will take time as we have to balance real world rigging practice with both structural engineering requirements and legal standards. Real world rigging practice often revolves around this is the way we have always approached this particular task and not what the legal or structural engineering standards dictate. This makes it a tough balancing act to satisfy all the competing priorities. However we are listening and we will step by step improve both rigging workflows and Braceworks, based on your feedback


regarding the original question

although single point bridles, deadhangs and hoists will not auto connect to a house point or I-Beam there is a work around


Effectively you have to use the house rigging points as a insertion guide.


first your house rigging point's center point has to line up perfectly with the center line of your truss,

use the snap to object function in the snapping palette for this


next assign the house rigging point (or points) to a separate class 

use the 'send to back' command (right click mouse menu or modify menu) so that your truss displays on top of the house point

then set the house rigging point class visibility to grey


select the appropriate insertion tool (bridle or hoist)

in the tool preferences set the trim height (bridle tool) or high hook height (hoist tool) to be the same as the house rigging points 'Z' coordinate

insert the bridle or hoist as normal linning it up with the greyed out house point.

the last step is to run either the system check command (if you don't have Braceworks) or one of the calculate system commands from the Braceworks menu. Vectorworks will create a new house rigging point in the correct place. You can then label it appropriately for you documentation and either delete the original house point or hide it use the class visibility settings.


note: if you are using the 'dead-hang' mode of the hoist tool  you will have to change the chain length in the OIP after insertion to insure that the new house rigging point will be at the correct height.

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Thank you all!

The method of @jcogdell worked.

1 little bug in my testfile: 2 house rigging points where calculated on new points made by Braceworks and the other points where calculated to the grayed points.


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Hi Jörgen

glad to help, could you pm the test file?

This will help me figure out what is happening.

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