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VR panorama brighter than rendered image


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I've been creating VR panoramas for quite a while and haven't had many issues until recently. When I render an image and I'm happy with the result and then create a VR panorama with the same settings, the panorama comes out really bright as if the ambient lighting has been turned to 100% (I have tried a lot of settings). I've tried rendering on the cloud and get the same result rendering and saving locally,. the only difference is that rendering locally the resulting Index and aframe.min.js file that is created with it, only displays a white screen in the browser no matter what browser I open the file file in. One other issue I've had in the past before this issue is with creating a panorama with lit fog, the resulting panorama has a ghost image of the lit fog behind the camera position. What has changed with RW that this is now happening?

River Shed Panorama.jpg

Rivershed v2020.pdf

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Same Issue here. It seems as soon as we have light from a HDRI this light is intensified by exporting a Panorama. I think most of users just exports the panorama without choosing the same Render-Style as the use in Vectorworks. Then the Result is Standard-RenderWorks with maybe no HDRI light attached and looks not too bright.

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In order to see what is changing your panorama, I'd have to see your custom style or rendering style.  These may have ambient light on or off and that'll produce obvious changes.

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The Rendering in VW Design Layer:

Rendering in Viewport:
(Rendering is a little brighter because of image effect)

All is set to Renderstile "Moebel freistehend"

Panorama Export Setting:

Here the panorama export with the same renderstile:

The Link to the panorama

How it would be used: This panorama is exported Renderworks but with a renderstile with a darker hdri. 


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ive had this issue too - its like ambient lighting is doubled (from. world lighting and in addition to any ambient lighting set in the rendering settings) - turning down world lighting solves the issue - but Yes - it is a pain.

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