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I am working on a residential project with 3 stories.   Walls and slabs are bound as expected.  I however have a garage that sits between the first floor and the second floor.  I am having troubles with the elevations for the garage.  The garage walls are unpredictable and I cannot achieve an 8 foot wall.  I seem to have the wall either bound to a fist floor of second floor  and corresponding stories.  I have tried a number of things such as creating additional design layers etc.  Any suggestions?



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I believe you can't have a story that is between other stories - that is, they have to stack.  What I did in a similar situation is choose the story that was most applicable for the garage, and then adjust the Z-offset of the slab, and use AEC->Fit Walls to Objects... for the walls.  When things change (and they always do), I have to go through and adjust.

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Guest Wes Gardner

@alfresco Attached is a file with two buildings with different heights. I've also included a draft explanation.  If you go to Tools > Organization > Stories > Default Story Levels you'll see the set up involved. Notice how I've divided the levels between the two buildings. It DOES take a bit to get your head around it!





Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 11.04.11 AM.png

Two Buildings One File.vwx Multiple Buildings One Site final.docx

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