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Assign class name on symbols

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I've been roaming around in here trying to figure out if it possible to write a script that can assign class name to a symbol.

I have a symbol library the I need to modify the class names.

The symbol contains only one class.


Or is it an easier way maybe?




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Yes this can be scripted, but you will either need to learn how to work with Resource Lists or walk the symbol definitions manually. I think walking it manually for a 1 time use might be easier.


H1:=FSymDef returns a handle to the first symbol definition in the file. 

Check if that symbol definition has a class that needs to be replaced (whatever that means in your case).

If it does need to be replaced, then use SetClass or SetClassN to change the class if not do nothing.



Procedure Pseudocode:

Var H1:Handle;



  While H1<>Nil do


      If GetClass(H1)='Class to Replace' then SetClass(H1,'NewClassName');






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