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Dimensions in different units in different layers?

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I would like the capability to choose the units for particur dimensions and objects like the Propert Line Tool and Stake Object.

In our context the convention is to dimension building work in millimetres, but show site information like boundary dimensions, contours and site spot levels in metres. The problem is once you have selected millimetres you are stuck with having to show everything this way. It makes the Property Line Tool and 2D graphic mode Stake Objects pretty useless for us.

So please add the capability for us.

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Hi Mike,

You can have two dimension units.

'Gringos' ;-) use this to show inches and centimeters side by side, but you can use this to your own purposes:

Create a custom dimension (document preferences > dimensions > custom) and set the dual view to primary or secondary.

At the Units panel, set the primary dimension objects and secondary...

Now you can change dimension objects at the Obj. Info. palette to show either kind of units.



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Is it posible to use diferent units for dimensioning in different layers in the same drawing?

I have one layer for general drawings at 1:25 scale, and another one for details at 1:1 scale. I would like to dimension the first one in centimeters and the second in millimeters.

Is this posible?

Thank you!

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Thanks Alexandre - I wasn't aware of that and I can see how this can be used to partly overcome the problem.

If I set up my Primary Dimension Units as millimetres and my Secondary Dimension Units as metres I can then use the Secondary Dimension Units for site dimensions. However this will not give me the capability to use metre units with the Property Line and Stake Object Tools.

If I set up my Primary Dimension Units as metres and my Secondary Dimension Units as millimetres I will be able to use metre units with the Property Line and Stake Object Tools, and then use the Secondary Units for all general dimensioning. The trade off is that all my General Display Units will also be in metres and I would have to adjust to working this way (remembering to put the decimal point in).

The compromises comes about because the Primary Dimension Units are locked into being the same as the General Dimension Units. If they weren't I could set it up exactly as I want, which would solve the problem completely.

To my mind a more simple solution would be for NNA to include a metre / millimetre units option in the Property Line and Stake Object Tools.

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A way around these problems is to have different drawings for the different scaling . Civil as different from architectural or engineering or detailing. This avoids dimensioning conflicts as indicated in the post. The downside is that a project has different files associated with it, but this offers an advantage when managing complexity and changes. WGR handles the filepath interactions.

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