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Parking spaces do not count properly


I have a large parking area with both 'Parking Spaces' and 'Parking Along Path' objects.  I have a worksheet set up with both types as the criteria.  No matter what I change in the worksheet all the spaces do not add up.  I manually count 471 spaces yet the worksheet only can manage to find 462.  Anybody have any answers?  I've attached the file.


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Two Issues:


1.  Space # 334 is used twice.

2.  In your numbering you skipped 435 to 443.


I found number 1 by tracking through each space to see the end and starting number.


I found number 2 by editing the worksheet and adding a column for the Starting Page Number and a column with a formula of Starting Space Number + Number of Spaces. I then sorted by the Starting Space Number and tracked down until I found the missing numbers.



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damn you are good.  I couldn't figure out how to add formulas like that in database headers.  Would you mind sharing the worksheet?

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Hi guys,

I can see you have really serious problems here whilst I struggle with the very basics 😬.


Perhaps you will be able to help anyway.


I am creating usual parking spaces, but I cannot figure out how the numbering works. The Accessible Symbol is aligned ok, but the numbers are displayed upside down. See below.


I assume that the open end is the entrance side. Otherwise the AS would be upside down, I suppose.

What can I possibly be doing wrong?


Another thing is making the Access Zone/ Aisle at the end as well. I can't see such option. I tried to make one more space with the AZ and then perhaps delete the space itself, but there is no Edit behaviour. There is the need for the Access Zone to be at the entrance/ footer side as well, which I don't believe VW caters for 😕. Or I am missing something?


Anyone experienced in car parks would be much appreciated.




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You aren’t doing anything wrong. This is how the tool works.

Neither query has an ideal answer...

Re number alignment. You could find the accessible symbol in the RM and flip it but it would change all your accessible car parks. 

For the access zone you could add another accessible car park with 0 width. It would generate an extra number though...

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Thanks for reassurance, @Boh.


Thanks for a hint about the 0-width space. I was hoping to delete it, but sometimes you may just want to cheat a bit ;). I actually used the same trick to make the Access Zone along the bottom/ entrance.




Re the symbol - this is not a problem. To make it visible in 3D view would require further steps - I suppose I would need to make it hybrid.


I am still not happy about the numbering though.


I also found the inserting of the object quite perplexing. It seems not to matter whether one draws with the left or right mode - the spaces are always being created on the right hand side from the drawn line. This is contrary to what the icons suggest. Or perhaps this is a bug I experience 🤔. I wish it worked similar to the section mark or walls with regards to alignment. These are logical.


This then results in a problem with numbering. I am never able to get this work so that the numbers run from left to right.


And then I seem to have a problem with rendering of that cross-hatch. It is reproduced correctly on the Design Layer, but it gets too big on the Viewport. The scales are the same and the hatch is set to world units. I have no clue what is wrong, just yet.




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