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Issue with texture in 2020

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I am finding an issue, at least on my MBP involving textures created using an image and having the color filter set to object fill. When using that particular parameter, textures render correctly in OpenGL but turn black in Renderworks. If I disable the filter by object fill parameter, the textures work just fine. 

To test I just tried this with a blank document, one piece of geometry and one texture. 

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I noticed the same problem. This is not reproducible and appears a bit randomly. You have to restart so that it does not happen. Looks like there is an OpenGL cache or something that bug after a while and the restart erases it.

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I am finding tons of times w/ 2020 when I need to restart.  My current favorite one is when I have an object selected and nothing shows up in the OIP.  At that point I need to restart.  Seems like a display/Open GL issue.  

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38 minutes ago, Andy Broomell said:

This has happened to me as well.

Over and overandoverandover&over again



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Neither restarting the application or the computer solved the issue.  

- create new “Renderworks” texture

- under “color” select “image”

- select an image file

- select “use object fill” under the “filter color” option

- set texture size as necessary. 

render in OpenGL? Just fine

render in Renderworks? Nope


very frustrating as I’ve created a ton of symbols with this very useful functionality which are now (pun intended) rendered useless. 

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I am running SP2 and am still having this issue  standard textures with the 'ATTR' suffix - e.g. 'perforated round offset attr RT' or 'Porcelain attr RT'. I had the problem with textures with the 'use object fill' setting but that seems to have been fixed.

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Maybe the renderworks preferences are corrupted. Try to delete MAXON folder on preferences system and it should be fixed. 

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