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Is the new MacBook Pro 16 inch the machine we've all been waiting for?

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Hi folks,


It's been a while since I was active on this forum. Happy to be back though. 


I've been holding out on upgrading for a long long time. Still on the 2012 MBP retina, the very first batch. 


Now that the 16inch MBP comes with an escape key and possibly a better typing experience, it removes all my red flags in the previous gen models that prevented me from upgrading.


So the question is, should we go for the i-9 8 cores processing at a lower individual core speed, or would we benefit more from the i-7 6 cores with a higher individual core speed? I suppose it's more of how Vectorworks utilises these cores. 


My work mainly revolves around the VWX entertainment module and a fair bit of rendering. I use mainly hidden line renders for 3D. 


Any thoughts?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You also need to consider how Apple previously dealt with the i9 cooling issues in their last i9 mac book!

Instead of installing a cooling system that could deal with this issue they cut corners and throttled the chip so heavily that the same gen mac book with an  i7 substantially out performed the i9 version, completely defeating the point of having an i9 processor. Although a patch has been released they still compare poorly performance wise to other laptops with better cooling systems (article linked below is just the first hit that came up when searching for this issue)




Personally I would suggest waiting to see how issue has been addressed before considering buying a i9 model, as even with out the chip being throttled cooling efficiency  can have huge impact on processor and system performance.

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I think they have solved the throttling problems with the early 6-core.

They even have solved the heat problems with 6-core by/and Vega GPUs.

And magically the same was true for the first 8-cores.

Therefore I would not mind to customize to the max i9 config for the new 16".


But you can wait for reviews if you are concerned.


For Vectorworks you will mostly need a high single core performance.

(or boost with "a few" cores)

The i9s with more cores still have higher boost frequencies and should be

faster there anyway. Plus, you have more cores for RW Rendering.



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