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Camera Match on Sloping Site

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Hi All,


I am attempting to create a camera match for a residential renovation project.  The intention is to superimpose the model onto an existing photograph to show how the addition/renovation affects the street view. The issue is that the site is very steep and the building is bit complicated.  In the model, Level 1 is set at 0'-0" and the photo was taken from a road below (about 35' below Level 1).  I figured out how to set a head height and target eye height when setting up a camera view but could not find that option in camera match.  In the screen shots below you can see the camera match image it taken from too high (I'm seeing too much roof and the windows appear way to low).  I've also tried fine tuning the view but it just gets too distorted.  If anyone has any tips or could point me to a tutorial that would be so appreciated!  

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 10.28.59 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 10.28.30 AM.png


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Try using 2 verticals (blue) that are further apart.

The third point of the perspective is the one that tends to drive the set up in these views.


You have a few good edges further out to work with so also worth trying to get your other lines further apart so the perspective become more apparent. Greens especially but reds will help keep it anchored.

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As @Matt Overton mentioned, getting pairs of control lines further apart can help. The more parallel pairs are the trouble makers. I'd try moving line R2 down to main level deck.  If you still have trouble and have one pair of control points still near parallel, try slightly point them towards each other to make them less parallel and see if that helps. It may take a little fiddling but you should be bale to get something close, then use the fine tuning to adjust.


Here's a video showing this tip: 


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